Call it nourishment or call it love, our Mediterranean – Middle Eastern food  Is a mixture of passion, health, and taste the food of each region is unique As it tells a story of the past. You will find that many dishes are the same In Middle Eastern cooking, yet the recipes may taste quite different. They Contain different herbs and spices, the recipes native to each region differ Based on the availability of ingredients used in the past. It all depended on What was traded in the region and what was offered our spices (Baharat) Such as Sumag, cumin, nutmeg, turmeric, saffron, Cardamom, and curry give Aromatic flavors that are unique to the cooking of the region. We use certain Methods such as skewer cooking over charcoal, slow simmering in covered Pots, and flat bread baking. Our kitchen exhibits various culinary influences Such as Iraqi, Lebanese, Persian, Turkish, and Indian. We hope to share with You this fulfilling opportunity to bond with others; what good is love if not shared? With such a cornucopia of delights to choose from, it is impossible to single out Every accomplishment of our home style cooking. We hope that you will savor A little of each one.

``To Eat Well is to Live Well``. Enjoy our delightful, Chef prepared Mid-eastern Dishes and experience a celebration of Life, Love and Flavor.

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“To eat well is to live well”

Enjoy our delightful, Chef prepared Mid-eastern  Dishes and experience a celebration of Life, Love and Flavor.

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